The Benefits Of Using A Touch-Free Car Wash

When you want to take the best possible care of your car, one of the things you might be wondering is if the touchless car wash is the right choice for keeping it clean. Many car owners insist upon the traditional brush-style car wash, but touchless varieties are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, you can often find both at the same car wash because businesses recognize that both are popular. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you might prefer the touchless car wash for your car.

Protects Your Paint Job

Especially when you buy a car that has a pristine paint job, you want to do everything that you can to protect it and keep it looking its best. That's one of the biggest selling points of the touch-free car wash. When you opt for this type of car wash to keep your car clean, you don't have to worry about any brush strokes, scratches, or streaks in your paint from the brushes. After all, those brushes see a lot of activity and can get abrasive over time. If you want to prevent those brush-based flaws on your car's paint, a touch-free car wash is the way to go.

Uses Super-Concentrated Cleaners

Since a touch-free car wash doesn't have any form of abrasives to remove dirt from your car's paint surface, it needs to rely on more concentrated cleaning solutions to get the job done. That means that, by choosing a touchless car wash, you might actually be giving your car a more thorough, complete clean. That makes it worth the investment when you're trying to keep dirt from causing paint fade and surface damage.

Protects Your Attachments

If you've ever lost an antenna or other attachment from your vehicle due to the aggressive nature of car wash brushes, you know how frustrating that can be. If you choose a touch-free car wash instead, you'll find that your exterior attachments are better protected. While the car wash does use high pressure, you don't get the same aggressive nature that you'd have with the brushes, so you're far less likely to lose things from the outside of your car.

As you can see, touch-free car washes do have their advantages. Consider these points as you try to decide which type of car wash is the right choice to help you keep your car's paint job as clean as possible. For more information on a touch-free car wash, contact a company near you.