Why Install an In-Bay Automatic Car Wash?

While you can install an automatic car wash system that works on a tunnel system, you can also go for an in-bay build. How does this kind of car wash work? What are its benefits?

What Is an In-Bay Automatic Car Wash?

Some automatic car washes work on a tunnel system. Here, a vehicle enters the tunnel at the start of the car wash. The system then carries the vehicle through the wash. As the vehicle moves along, the system uses different parts of the cleaning cycle on it.

An in-bay automatic system works on the same automated principle — the system automatically washes a vehicle without any need for human help. However, these systems are static. Here, a driver parks their vehicle in the car wash bay. The system then washes the vehicle in its stationary position.

While in-bay systems often use traditional friction-based brush-washing systems, some bays can deliver a touchless wash. This wash uses highly pressurized water and cleaning chemicals to wash vehicles without needing to use brushes.

What Are the Benefits of In-Bay Automatic Car Washes?

In-bay and tunnel automatic car washes share some benefits. For example, you can run both systems on an unmanned basis.

You don't have to hire people to wash vehicles or to run the system. Both processes are fully automated, so they won't increase your labor costs. You can offer cheaper car washes and still turn a profit.

However, in-bay automated systems have some additional benefits over tunnel options. For example, they take up less space.

You need to allocate a set amount of space to a tunnel system. Your car wash has to be wide enough and long enough to take the system's conveyor belt mechanism. Each vehicle has to travel along a certain distance to go through each part of the car wash's cleaning system.

In-bay car wash systems have a smaller footprint. These systems work around a car so that you only need a bay space big enough to hold a parked vehicle. The vehicle doesn't have to move. If you are short on space, then this system would work well for you.

Plus, you'll find it hard to source a tunnel system with touchless cleaning. This kind of cleaning most typically comes with in-bay cleaning systems. If you want to offer this kind of car wash, then an in-bay system is your best bet.

To find out more about this option, contact an automatic car wash equipment supplier such as Better Car Wash Equipment and Supply and ask about their in-bay automated ranges.