5 Damages That A Car Paint Protection Film Guards Against

Paint protection films are clear films that are applied to your newly painted car. The film will guard against all sorts of damages so that the paint job lasts a long time.

1. Scratches and Dings

The main selling point of a protective car film is that it will prevent damage from small scratches, door dings, and similar issues. It's these normal, minor damages that destroy a paint job over time, dulling the finish and leaving your car susceptible to rust. A clear film will not just prevent dings and scratches from occurring in the first place, it will also help maintain the high gloss luster of the paint.

2. Chemical Pollutants

The exterior of your car is exposed to a multitude of chemical pollutants every day. Residue on the roads from fuel and other exhaust byproducts are often acidic enough to slowly eat through your paint. Acid rain, fertilizer runoff into stormwater, and ice melt products on roadways are other sources for paint damaging pollution. A film protects against all of these.

3. Environmental Pollutants

Human-created chemicals aren't the only cause of pollution. Naturally acidic pollutants, like bird droppings, will also slowly eat through your car's finish. Tree sap and pollen can also become damaged with sticky residues and abrasive debris. Just like chemical pollutants, a car protection film will also protect against these natural causes of damage.

4. Discoloration Stains

Paint can become discolored from internal chemical processes, such as oxidation and yellowing. UV and weather exposure are the most common causes of these problems. External factors can also lead to paint stains, such as pollen, bird droppings, and algae. Externally caused staining is usually removable, but removal can be time-consuming, and it may damage the car's finish. A paint protection film prevents UV damage and makes it easier to clean off external stains without damaging the paint.

5. Sandblast Hazing

For those that spend a lot of time driving on dirt roads or parking in areas exposed to high winds, sandblasting is a major risk to the paint's finish. The small sand particles slowly etch away at your paint's finish. After a few months, you may begin to see a noticeable loss in the gloss of your car's paint. A protection film stops sandblasting in its tracks so that your paint remains glossy and attractive for years.

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