Ensure That Your Temporary License Plate Bags Have These Features

When you run a car dealership, you'll often issue temporary plates that your customers must display on their vehicles. While some people mount temporary plates inside of the rear window of the vehicle, another method is to hang it on the vehicle's exterior. To do so, you'll need to put the temporary plate inside of a special bag that is designed for this purpose. The bag will be clear so that law enforcement can easily read the plate should the need arise. If you're shopping for temporary license plate bags, you'll find a variety of products that fit this description. It's important to carefully assess each product's features so that you can choose the right one. Here are some important features for this product to possess.

Waterproof Design

Temporary license plates are typically made of paper, which means that water can cause problems if it comes into contact with the paper. Given that your customers may be driving the vehicles in rainy conditions, you'll need to choose a style of license plate bags that keeps water at bay. Look for a product that has an adhesive strip or a hook-and-loop fastener along the top. Once you put the temporary plate into the bag, you'll be able to easily close its top with to keep the plate dry and legible.

Reinforced Strap

While there are some temporary plate bags that actually mount to the vehicle with screws, it's more common for this product to be equipped with a strap that allows you to hang it from the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle has a rear windshield washer, it's common to loop the bag's strap over this arm. Given that the bag will move around when the vehicle is in motion, you want to be confident that the bag won't fly off. A product that has reinforced straps — namely, heavy stitching that holds the straps to the main part of the bag — will be valuable.

Soft Corners

It's also important to look at the corners of the bags that you're thinking about buying. Specifically, you should look for a product that has soft corners. Because the bag will swing back and forth while the vehicle is moving, you don't want the bag to cause any marks on the paint. A bag that has soft corners will gently slide across the paint without causing any damage. Shop for this product at a retailer that specializes in car dealership supplies.