3 Features To Look For When Choosing A Truck Washing Company For Your Fleet

As the owner of a trucking company, you are responsible for transporting tons of goods for clients throughout the year. But you also have the responsibility of making sure that your trucks look respectable when they're on the road, which is why it's so important to find a reliable truck washing company to work with. Here are a few features to look for when hiring a truck washing company to service your trucking business:

Mobile Cleaning

One important feature to look for when choosing a trucking washing company to work with is mobile cleaning services. You will want to have your trucks washed while they're parked at your truck yard or getting maintained by a service technician instead of having to waste time taking the trucks to the washing company to get cleaned. The longer your trucks are off the road, the less money your business will make as time goes on.

So being able to have the washing company come to your place of business as your trucks come in for maintenance will ensure convenience and help save you time and money as you grow your business. Make sure that the company you hire offers mobile services during evening and weekend hours to ensure that your needs can be met no matter what schedule your trucks are on. Check out sites like envirocleannorthwest.com for more information.

Emergency Services

It is also important that your washing company offers emergency services, in which they'll be able to come out and quickly wash a truck that's been inundated with mud or other substances before it gets back on the road again. If you have a truck that's scheduled to move back out within hours of it getting into your yard and it looks like a wreck, you won't have time to schedule a washing appointment and you may end up having to send the truck back out looking dirty and worn down --- unless you can count on emergency service options. You should be able to call your washing company and have them come out right away to get your truck cleaned so it represents your company well when it gets back out on the road.

Pre-scheduled Service Plans

It can be time-consuming, and even stressful, to schedule washing sessions for each of the trucks in your fleet at time goes on. Instead of having to keep track of when each truck is getting washed and remembering when to schedule washings for them, you should be able to purchase a pre-scheduled service plan from the truck washing company you decide to hire.

Just register each of your trucks with them, and they'll keep track of when they need to be washed. When washing time comes for a particular truck, they'll show up to clean the truck based on the activity schedule that is provided to them. You won't have to think about what condition your trucks will be in whenever they go out on the road for service.