Three Super-Sticky Substances In Your Car, And How To Get Them Out

Cars; people practically live in them. They eat on the go, drink on the go, and barely have a second to stay out of them before having to get back in and drive somewhere else. With all of that "living in your car," you tend to get a lot of sticky substances stuck in the upholstery, in the carpeting, under the seats, etc.. So, when your car goes in for auto detailing, how do the pros get all of these sticky substances out? Three of the most common sticky substances found in cars are as follows, and here is how car wash and detail companies get those substances out. 


​Gum, that age-old enemy of parents and teachers everywhere, sticks to every surface. While it does an excellent job at keeping young mouths busy without talking or fighting, it does a real number on everything it sticks to. Whether your kids drop it in the car somewhere or intentionally stick it to seats, windows, etc., the professional car detailers can get it off/out. 

When the gum is stuck in the carpet, intense heat is applied to soften the wad. The gum gets all melted, and then a fine-toothed cleaning brush is used to get under the wad and comb upward. When the gum is stuck to hard surfaces, a special cleaner is applied. This cleaner dissolves virtually all sticky substances known to the human world, so gum does not have a chance. A similar method to getting gum out of auto carpet is used for seat upholstery, except that instead of heat or chemicals, extreme cold is applied and then the wad is quickly broken up and brushed loose. 

Sticky, Sweet Drinks

​Sticky and sweet drinks, such as juice, Kool-Aid, or milkshakes, are only a mess to get out if they land on the carpeting of the car. On all other surfaces a multipurpose cleaner or a handheld steam cleaner can remove or lift the mess. When these drinks get into the carpet, they become embedded. The only course of action is to break out a commercial steam cleaner to clean the carpet in your car. If you want to do this at home, rent a steam cleaner and learn how to use it for auto carpet cleaning. 


​Depending on the type of candy, it may be really easy to clean out, or it may be really difficult. For example, a melted chocolate bar is quite the disgusting mess, but a quick scrubbing with a special chemical that removes chocolate and the mess is gone. Hard candy that was sucked on or became wet and then dropped in the car is worse. It can pull up fibers and cloth if you try to remove it. The pros use another kind of cleaner that helps loosen the hard candy from its sticking point. Then they just scrub the area well with soap and water.

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