Selling Your Home? Get A Car Wash To Maintain Attractive Curb Appeal

If you want to have a smooth experience with selling your home, you will benefit from spending weeks or months preparing for the day when you list it online. While you may put a lot of effort into improving curb appeal to make the property look impressive in photos and person, you should not forget about things that are not part of your home that can affect your experience. 

An excellent example is the vehicle that you park in the driveway and garage. Getting a thorough car wash before photos are taken and tours begin is an excellent idea. Also, you will find it beneficial to get routine car wash service depending on how long it takes to sell your home.

Body Panels

Whether your car is in the driveway or garage, you will want to prioritize body panel cleaning because this is the feature that takes up the most surface area. If this feature is spotless, you can feel confident that most of your vehicle will look impressive from a distance. Some car wash services come with waxing, which will make your car's exterior look glossy and attractive.

If you have the car in your garage during a house tour and the potential buyers want to see the garage, one of the first things that the visitors will see is the front-end body panels.


Another feature of your car that you should make sure gets thoroughly cleaned is the wheels. If you have chrome wheels, you want them to make your driveway shine. This will require a thorough cleaning because wheels can get a lot of dirt and dust build-up from driving around.


Alongside the car's wheels are the tires, which you should not ignore while selling your home. You should be able to find local car wash businesses that include tire dressing as an optional service. This will help you avoid a noticeable contrast between spotless wheels and dirty tires.


Most home buyers will not go through the effort to look at the inside of your vehicle, which means the only other feature that you need to worry about is the windows. The last thing that you want is for water streaks and windshield wiper marks to make your home look unattractive. Fortunately, a car wash is all you need to keep your windows clean while selling your property.

Starting with a one-time car wash and being open to routine car washes as long as your home is listed will help you maintain impressive curb appeal that will have a positive impact on selling.